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CMNS 221 Readings Summary

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CMNS 221
Martin Laba

CMNS 221 Readings The Culture of Consumerism: Rosalind Williams The Dream World of Mass Consumption - Expo -> introducing the modern marketplace (mass consumption) - Attempts to be a microcosm of the world (albeit inaccurately) - in turn breeding a new population of consumers - exhibitions were originally to show off science, technology and now for entertainment, extravagant, etc. - real-world counterpart -> first physical example of mass consumption - Department stores -> fantasy world that functions purely as a way of selling products (through a dream-like environment) -> lecture example: malls are no longer a part of ones day to day reality but tries to suck the consumer into another world of encouraged consumerism - Technological Innovation -> technology is consistently exploited by corporations for commercial means - use value vs. exchange value - Exploitation of dreams -> mass commercialization of ones ideals (dreams) - eg. Kids today are shaped by the ideals sold to them in media (eg. Barbie influence lives of children: I want to be like Barbie when I grow up) - introduction of cinema helped people go on extravagant voyages without having to physically visit them -> can be used for educational purposes but you cannot make it educational without fals
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