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Lecture 2

CMNS 223 - Week 2: Advent of the Consumer, Week 3: Consumption and Social Relationships, Spring 2012

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Tina Sikka

Week 2Advent of the Consumer Theodor Adorno Max Horkeimer Herbert Marcus Leo Lowental and many others y Studied the industrialization and commercialization of media in the US Frankfurt School y Looked at culture criticallyfirst group to do this in a capitalist society y Critique of mass culture y Culture was produced like any other product or commoditymass production hence industrialization o Believed to be a result of capitalism y Produced to appeal to a mass audience y Culture industrydictates what we need and want used to profit y Consumer culturesociety that is based on consuming o Stabilized capitalism o Mass culture prevented the dictatorship of the proletariat y 1 step ahead of Marxist aka NeoMarxist o Builds on Marxist ideas o Focused on the economic system and questioned why capitalism has not fallen y People lose freedom in this type of culture with people not even aware of it o Mass production and deception y V
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