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Lecture 5

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CMNS 321
Robert Prey

CMNS 321 Week 5 Review - Adorno o Cliché, normal, predictable o Ex. Children demand the dish they tasted before o Function of music is to point to something better and different o Relevant & Sharp - Is it not possible that people can have meaningful musical experiences outside of a culture industry framework? - Are there no moments of sustained resistance within contemporary musical culture? - Is it not possible that people can have meaningful musical experiences outside of a culture industry framework? “Subculture” the Meaning of Style – Dick Hebdige - How meanings come attributed Why Study Subcultures? - “The emergence of [youth subcultures] has signaled… the breakdown of consensus in the post-war period” (Hebdige, 1979, 17) o American dream o Nuclear family - We study subcultures to understand those who don’t conform to the norm - Study of urban groups started to merge in Chicago. In youth deviances - Study of gangs, groups, and youth gangs (Creation of gang communities) o These groups come from our communities and we needed to study this Early British Cultural Studies: Two Different Conceptions of Culture 1) Culture as a standard of aesthetic excellence: “the best that has been thought and said in the world” 2) Culture as a particular way of life; explicit and implicit meanings and values (anthropology) Semiotics - A method of reading ‘signs’ - Most taken for granted phenomena can function as signs Hegemony - Refers to how certain social groups are able to win and shape consent so that their power appears both legitimate and natural - Neither universal nor permanent - There is always space for resistance - “…the challenge to hegemony which subcultures represent is not issued directly by them. Rather it is expressed obliquely, in style” Hebdige Rise of Punk Music - Punk music was different, you can just get your friends and instruments and form a band to express yourself - Rise of a DIY culture - Creating a band scene - Back to the basics for American rock and roll - British Punk Music o Took certain aspects and influences of Jamaican Reggae  British kids rebelled against and played reggae Sex Pistols (1975 – 1978) - In 1976 when formed, they were seen by most respectable Ritz - Went against all conventions for pop music - Moral Panic o When some group or issue begins to be seen as a threat to social order o Seen as Folk Devils (Sex Pistols) o It was a subculture movement to refusal of playing by the rules and society o Type of opposition Subculture & Style - Style as refusal - “Punk reproduced the entire sartorial history of post war working class youth cultures in ‘cut up’ form, combining elements which has originally belonged to completely different epochs… Punk is therefore a singularly appropriate point… - Confrontation dressing o Wearing random objects and if the hat doesn’t work, wear it o Commentary on modern fashion o Modern meaning of pretty or handsome were thrown out - Basic loud and direct o The Nipple Erectors o Stiff Little Fingers o The Rejects o Now I wanna Sniff Some Glue - They wanted that outcast status Punk Fanzines - Language was full of errors on purpose - Graffiti aesthetic - Grunge Punk Subculture - “Intentional Communication” - The communicatio
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