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CMNS 428 Lecture Notes - note: everyone in class took turns taking notes

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Roman Onufrijchuk

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INTERACTION RITUAL CHAINS By Randall Collins Collins, R. (2004) Interaction Ritual Chains. Princeton, New Jersey: Prineton University Press. CMNS 428: AFFECT (A2) Roman Onufrijchuk August 15, 2010 Group Collaborators: Tyson Stanley (3-46) Theresa Quach (47-95) Gemma Bishop (95-133) Steffen Quong (133-171) Kevin Church (171-211) Jessica Sutherland (211-257) CMNS 428: A2 Summer 2010 Final Project: Collins - page 1 Mandy Tam (258-296) Yankie Chan (297-337) Amy Fernets (297-337) Ovey Yeung (Editor) CMNS 428: A2 Summer 2010 Final Project: Collins - page 2 www.notesolution.comTABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 - The Program of Interaction Ritual Theory (3) i.i Situation rather than Individual as Starting Point (3) i.ii Conflicting Terminologies (7) i.iii Traditions of Ritual Analysis (9) i.iv Subcognitive Ritualism (9) i.v Functionalist Ritualism (13) Goffmans Interaction Ritual (16) i.vii The Code-Seeking Program (25) i.viii The Cultural Turn (30) i.ix Classic Origins of IR Theory in Durkheims Sociology of Religion (32) i.x The Significance of Interaction Ritual for General Sociological Theory (40) CHAPTER 2 - The Mutual-Focus Emotional-Entrainment Model (47) ii.i Ritual Ingredients, Processes, and Outcomes (47) ii.ii Formal Rituals and Natural Rituals (49) ii.iii Failed Rituals, Empty Rituals, Forced Rituals (50) ii.iv Is Bodily Presence Necessary? (53) ii.v The Micro-Process of Collective Entrainment in Natural Rituals (65) Conversational Turn-Taking as Rhythmic Entrainment (66) ii.vii Experimental and Micro-Observational Evidence on Rhythmic Coordination and Emotional Entrainment (75) ii.viii Joint Attention as Key to Development of Shared Symbols (79) ii.ix Solidarity Prolonged and Stored in Symbols (81) ii.x The Creation of Solidarity Symbols in 911 (88) ii.xi Rules for Unraveling Symbols (95) CHAPTER 3 - Emotional Energy and the Transient Emotions (102) iii.i Disruptive and Long-term Emotions, or Dramatic Emotions and Emotional Energy (105) iii.ii Interaction Ritual as Emotion Transformer (107) iii.iii Stratified Interaction Rituals (111) iii.iv Power Rituals (112) iii.v Status Rituals(115) Effects on Long-Term Emotions: Emotional Energy (118) iii.vii Emotion Contest and Conflict Situations (121) iii.viii Short-Term or Dramatic Emotions (125) CMNS 428: A2 Summer 2010 Final Project: Collins - page 3
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