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Colin Stewart

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CSS Stylesheets are used to specify the appearance style of a web page They can specify what each h1 h2 p etc looks like They are saved with a css file extension and they can be applied to any HTML file To specify a style for all h2 tags you write something like this h2color 00A651And similarly for all p tags pbackgroundcolor 8C6239Also note how the stylesheet is connected to the HTML file link relstylesheet typetextcss hrefchoccss The link tag must go in an HTML files headerthat is as contents of the head tag head link relstylesheet typetextcss hrefchoccss head The link tag has three required attributes rel relationship specifies the relationship of the linked file to the HTML page stylesheet in this case typethe MIME type always textcss for stylesheets hrefthe file name for the stylesheet The order of the attributes within the link tag doesnt matterCSS Properties There are dozens of CSS properties such ascolor font colour backgroundcolor fontfamily fontsize etc fontstyle Possible values normal default or italic italic has the same effect as the i tag Eg fontstyle italic fontweight Possible values normal default or bold bold has the same effect as the b tag Eg fontweight bold textdecoration Possible values none default underline overline linethrough underline has the same effect as the u tag
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