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Simon Fraser University
Computing Science
CMPT 165
Colin Stewart

Controls Text boxes can be used for almost any kind of input but there are times when a more specialized control works betterCheckboxes Often on a form youll want to ask a yesno question to the user Eg Do you live in Canada We could ask the user to answer this question in a text box that is by typing yes or no however its much easier to use a check box A check box is a control that has two possible states checked or unchecked Initially check boxes are unchecked A user can click a check box to make it checked Check boxes can be made with input tags form actioncheckBoxpy pinput typecheckbox nameresidentCanadian residentp pinput typesubmit valueClick itp form Dealing with check boxes in a web script is a little different than dealing with text boxes If a check box is unchecked then it is not sent to the web script when the submit button is clicked Therefore if a check box is unchecked the web script thinks it doesnt exist A checked check box however will be sent to the w
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