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CRIM 101
Barry Cartwright

Assaults Against ChildrenApproximately 60 of assaults against children under the age of six are committed by family membersClose to twothirds of those assaults are committed by parents including stepparents fosterparents and adoptive parentsTwothirds of homicides against children and youth also committed by close family member 60 committed by father 32 committed by mother Sexual Assaults Against ChildrenOnethird of sexual assaults committed by family membersHalf of sexual assaults committed by family members when victim is under age of six slightly less than half when victim is between ages of six and tenIn most cases offender in familyrelated sexual assaults is a male relative over onethird is father slightly less than onethird is brothers rest are other male relatives Abductions of ChildrenMore than twothirds of all abductions are parental abductionsDistribution of offenders evenly split between fathers and mothers The PrecursorsIn most cases of physical assault and homicide against children and youth the main contributing factor or precursor is either frustration or an argumentYoung children and female childrenyouth more likely to be assaulted or killed in private dwelling usually their own homeMales over age of 11 more likely to be assaulted on streets at school in parking lots or in other public placesIn the case of younger children it may be difficult for them to leave an abusive environment thus explaining their increased risk of victimization in their own home The Consequences AftermathIn both physical and sexual assaults almost half of children and youth do not sustain injuries of any kindIf they are injured most involve minor injuries that do not require medical treatmentOnly 2 of females and 1 of males sustain serious injuriesLongterm consequences of family relatedviolence against children and youth should not be underestimatedAbused children and youth more likely to be aggressive abusive towards their future spouses or children and to suffer from other emotional problemsChildrenyouth who have been victims of familyrelated violence or have witnessed familyrelated violence are more likely to engage in violent criminal activity when older
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