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CRIM 101
Barry Cartwright

Crim 101, week 8 tutorial Ignoring correctional treatment and research  Cullen et al say that criminologists are aware of the policy implications of their theories  However, they neglect to examine research or correctional rehab programs to see whether their theories are adequate Pointing fingers  Cullen et al blame the sociologists  Edwin Sutherland’s extensive (and sometimes vociferous) critique of the Gleuks aimed at disregarding psychobiological explanations and strengthening sociology’s position  Robert Merton’s strain theory located crime in the social structure (blocked opportunities to achieving cultural goals)  Howard Becker’s labeling theory argued that stigmatizing offenders created a self- fulfilling prophecy Nothing works  Subject of famous 1974 essay by Robert Martinson  Analyzed 231 studies from 1945-1967, and concluded that the net result was close to 0  Confirmed “what criminologists already knew” that “rehab is a myth”  Became the “established wisdom” for decades to follow Something works  Cullen et al say that it is true that half the studies showed negligible or even negative results  Even so, average size effect on recidivism was still r = 10  Martinson and Wilks failed to distinguish between programs or to specifically examine cognitive behavioural programs  Cognitive behavioural programs achieved 20-30% reductions in recidivism (r = 0.20 or 0.30) And
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