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Lecture 8

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Simon Fraser University
CRIM 104
Barry Cartwright

SOCIAL CONTROL THEORIES 2012-10-25 8:56 AM SOCIAL CONTROL THEORIES EMILE DURKHEIM • Durkheim • Moral order more fundamental • Committed to preserving • Regarded society • Society as an entity INTEGRATION AND REGULATION • INTEGRATION • REGULATION CONFORMITY • Conformity • Conformity and social control 1 of 12%208%20outline%20(Burnaby-Fall%202012).htm?pageID=2491489766201 SOCIAL CONTROL THEORIES 2012-10-25 8:56 AM • Non-conformity can be expected ORIGINS OF SOCIAL CONTROL-THE CHICAGO SCHOOL • Park, Burgess • Concerned with social disorganization. SOCIAL DISORGANIZATION & SOCIAL CONTROL • Social disorganization leads to a breakdown • When informal social controls break down THE SOCIAL CONTEXT OF CONTROL THEORY • Came after the Roaring Twenties • Time of the “American Dream” 2 of 12ure%208%20outline%20(Burnaby-Fall%202012).htm?pageID=2491489766201 SOCIAL CONTROL THEORIES 2012-10-25 8:56 AM • TV shows LASSIE FATHER KNOWS BEST SOCIAL CONTEXT cont. AND A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL… ALBERT REISS • Did his PhD and taught • In 1951 • Talked about how people conform REISS cont. • Delinquency “may be viewed as a consequence of the failure 3 of 120…ure%208%20outline%20(Burnaby-Fall%202012).htm?pageID=2491489766201 SOCIAL CONTROL THEORIES 2012-10-25 8:56 AM of primary groups to provide the child with appropriate non- delinquent roles and to exercise social control over the child IVAN NYE • Attended Michigan State • Talked about family-focused • The family could/should generate IVAN NYE cont. • Direct control= • Internalized control= • Indirect control= CONTAINMENT THEORY • Form of social control theory 4 of 12%20outline%20(Burnaby-Fall%202012).htm?pageID=2491489766201 SOCIAL CONTROL THEORIES 2012-10-25 8:56 AM • Family and other social bonds • Inner containment • Outer containment CONTAINMENT THEORY cont. • Internal pushes • External pulls • Inner and outer containments • Internal pushes and external pulls GREETINGS FROM TRAVIS HIRSCHI · Acknowledged influence of Durkheim · Said that if individuals had strong social bond SOCIAL BOND THEORY • Form of social control theory 5 of 120outline%20(Burnaby-Fall%202012).htm?pageID=2491489766201 SOCIAL CONTROL THEORIES 2012-10-25 8:56 AM •Attachment = •Commitment = SOCIAL BOND THEORY cont. • Involvement = • Belief = LOW SELF-CONTROL • Low self-control advanced as main cause of crime • General theory meant to explain all crime LOW SELF-CONTROL cont. • Signs (symptoms) of low self-control • Cause of low self control 6 of 128%20outline%20(Burnaby-Fall%202012).htm?pageID=2491489766201 SOCIAL CONTROL THEORIES 2012-10-25 8:56 AM
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