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CRIM 104
Barry Cartwright

Blackboard Learning System 9/9/12 6:20 PM INTRODUCTION TO ANOMIE-STRAIN THEORY But first…GOOD THEORIES, BAD THEORIES WHAT MAKES A GOOD THEORY?  Good theory is logically constructed  Good theory is based on evidence  Good theory can be empirically validated  Good theory can unify PROBLEMS WITH MEASUREMENT  Theory may be good  Some theories have been measured only once TYPES OF THEORIES  Metatheories =  Unit theories = TYPES OF THEORIES cont.  Macrotheories  Microtheories 1 of 14ebCT.dowebct Blackboard Learning System 9/9/12 6:20 PM Bridging theories MACROTHEORY MICROTHEORY BRIDGING THEORY CONSENSUS vs. CONFLICT CONSENSUS Society Norms/expectations Laws and social institutions CONFLICT Society Norms/expectations not shared Laws and social institutions CHRONOLOGY 2 of 14MyWebCT.dowebct Blackboard Learning System 9/9/12 6:20 PM MARX DURKHEIM WEBER KARL MARX MARX’S CONTRIBUTIONS Not a sociologist Still most widely cited political philosopher Wrote Das Capital Influential in worker’s movements DIALECTICAL/HISTORICAL MATERIALISM THE HISTORICAL MATERIALISM PYRAMID BASIC POSITION OF MARXIST THOUGHT “Capitalism is an exploitative and alienating social order  “State serves the interests 3 of 14MyWebCT.dowebct Blackboard Learning System 9/9/12 6:20 PM  The laws are a “mystifying” force EMILE DURKHEIM STRIKING A BLOW FOR SOCIOLOGY  Founded sociology  Wrote The Rules of Sociological Method  Wrote “Sociology and Social Facts”  Instrumental in establishing The influence of de Montesquieu (1689-1755)  Founder of  Studied social facts, social institutions THE INFLUENCE OF SAINT-SIMON (1760-1825)  Widely regarded  One of first to view society as functional mechanism  Called for a “human science"; introduced the concept  Saint-Simon emphasized Don’t forget Auguste Comte (1798-1857) 4 of 14CT.dowebct Blackboard Learning System 9/9/12 6:20 PM  Coined the term  Like Saint-Simon  Was opposed to social criticism  Redefined “positivism” as positive philosophy THE SOCIO-HISTORICAL BACKDROP  Durkheim was born in 1858, 10 years after the Parisian revolution  After the French Revolution of 1789;  Time of The Industrial Revolution PREACHING MORALITY LAW AND THE MORAL ORDER  Moral order  Influence of Saint-Simon  For Durkheim, law was reflection  Moral order or moral consensus SOCIAL SOLIDARITY  MECHANICAL SOLIDARITY 5 of 14ebCT.dowebct Blackboard Learning System 9/9/12 6:20 PM  Earlier  Rudimentary  Limited  Vengeance  Repressive  ORGANIC SOLIDARITY  Later  Complex  Extensive  Law  Restitutive INTEGRATION AND REGULATION  INTEGRATION  Social forces  Social bonds  REGULATION  Social forces  Laws DEFINITION OF “ANOMIE” 6 of 14ebCT.dowebct Blackboard Learning System 9/9/12 6:20 PM THE POSITIVE SCHOOL TIME LINES CLASSICAL SCHOOL (1700-1800)  deviance as violation  caused by free will  remedied POSITIVE SCHOOL (1800-1900)  deviance as sickness  caused by  remedied SOCIAL CONTEXT OF THE POSITIVE SCHOOL  Darwin’s theory  Comte  Anthropology  Advances in science CHARLES DARWIN (1809-1882) 7 of 14bCT.dowebct Blackboard Learning System
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