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Lecture 11

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Simon Fraser University
CRIM 104
Barry Cartwright

Sample Final Exam1Masculinities and Crime and Crime as Structured were written by aJames2Crimes of accommodation crimes of domination crime s of resistance associated withaRichard quinney3Terence Thornberrys interactional theory rooted inaDurkheim hirschi aker4Most of the conict criminologists had their thinking with Marxist5Master stats auxiliary status retrospective interpretation with beckeraGENDER BASED THEORIESSOME EARLIER THEORIESUntil 1960s and 1970s most theories of female crime centred around the inherent nature of women their individual psychological or physiological characteristics Did not examine effects of the social structure of the socialization process or patriarchy and male dominance CESARE LOMBROSOPublished The Female Offender in 1903 Males more advanced than femalesFemale criminalityinnate inherent tendency in certain women who had not developed femininity or moral renement CESARE LOMBROSO contShort women with dark hair and dark skin colour were likely to become criminalsWomen criminals likely to be more masculine than men and might even be strongerWI THOMASWrote his doctoral dissertation On a Difference in the Metabolism of the Sexes in sociology at the University of Chicago in the late 1800s Wrote Sex in Society 1907 men were destructive of energy while women stored energy like plants Attributed decline in womens stature in society to lack of motor tness and loss of sexual freedom Men had more sexual energy than women which caused men to pursue women for sexual purposes and women to exchange sexual favours for nancial support and
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