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Lecture 6

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Melissa Roberts

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March 5 Lecture Notes (Anything Testable) Federal Corrections and the CSC Paul nd -2 degree murder -11 year parole eligibility His Process through the CJS -his court process lasted several years -he did not want to be held accountable -was denied bail -went into a remand centre -where you go to await trial -trial lasted 6 months for first degree murder -got a mistrial due to a violation of his rights -crown counsel tried to get him convicted -he doesn’t blame crown counsel for what they did now -still in the remand system -second trial lasted 4.5 months for first degree murder -lste with parole after 25 years -1 time offender -never been in trouble with the law before -didn’t know anything about prisons except from movies -jail subculture in prison -antisocial values make up the prison con-code -if you’re weak you’re victimized -sent to a regional intensive assessment centre -looks at the dynamics of your offending to create the offender’s correctional plan -goal is to rehabilitate and reintegrate you into society -he was nowhere near being ready for integration, so that wasn’t their focus -first 2 years must be spent in a maximum security prison -sent to Kent in Agassiz -he was terrified of what might happen -he couldn’t show that he was shameful to the prison population -concept of masculinity -had to pretend to be proud of his crime -he would cry at night, only time he could let his crap out -no programs in a maximum security prison -you usually get sent to a maximum security prison for your own reason -time spent being unruly in other prisons -subculture in there of first time offenders due to 2 year max rule -he appealed his conviction -he got sent his court documents including the victim’s diary -he wasn’t supposed to get that, got it due to a clerical error -reading those diaries helped him see her as a person -she had hopes, dreams, goals, was a poet -he started to understand what he had stole from her and her family -the BCCA through out his conviction -jury deliberated for 5 days and was hung several times -judge made the jury convict him basically -was shipped back to the remand centre -said he wanted to plead guilty to the crown counsel -made a plea bargain deal -got a second degree murder sentence -had to redo his 2 year max sentence -there was a riot in Kent -con-code says that all inmates must participate in the riot -almost stabbed and killed during the riot -light bulb moment -he felt he could understand his victim’s terror -decision time: become a badass or change his life around -the path he took wasn’t a popular path to take in a federal max prison -some correctional officers did see his potential change -got sent to different prison with access to programs -alcohol abuse -drug abuse -anger management -programs all gone now from his time -ICPM -integrate-correctional program model -streamlined process -includes all of the previous programs -he decided that he should be accountable for his actions -he became invested in his program and not just breeze through it -when he became eligible for day parole -he didn’t apply for it -knew he wouldn’t get it -NPBC mandate is protecting public -really hard to be accountable for his shameful actions -you don’t want people to think badly of you -it was freeing for him because he was able to release all his shame and let it out -the 2 half of the program is helping the offender manage himself in a healthy way -cascading is the process of gradual reintegration into society -got transferred into minimum security -got into Ferndale -Ferndale helps to reintegrate into society -helps you regain skills and act as citizens
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