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Crim 241 Notes week 7 march 12.docx

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CRIM 241
Melissa Roberts

March 12 Lecture Notes General Profile of an offender (not white collar) ***add more from book -what are the stereotypes of offenders? -research shows: -male (women 4% federal 10% provincial) -young -single parents -marginally skilled -disproportionately Aboriginal -disproportionately black -convicted of a property offence -some sort of addiction -poor at solving problems -serving a short sentence (55% serving less than a month) Going inside -mortification=free citizeninmate -basically establish power over individual -status degradation ceremonies: -issuing prison clothing -assignment ID number -loss of most personal possessions -end of unhindered communication with outside -no status restoration ceremonies Living inside*** add more from book -pains of imprisonment -Sykes in “Society of Captives” -loss of liberty -loss of access to goods and services -loss of access to heterosexual relationships -loss of personal autonomy -loss of personal security -heightened something***add from book Institutionalization and Inmate Subculture -prisonization: once in prison, inmates assimilate to prison routines and inmate subculture- adherence to inmate code (Clemmer) -two explanatory models -deprivation theory -acting a certain way just to get by -basis for the Con-code -importation theory -importing your behaviour from the street into prison -more gang related Inmate Code -first identified by Sykes and Messinger (1960) -rules and values developed among prisoners inside prison social systems -rules: -do your own time -avoid the prison economy -don’t trust anyone -show respect -don’t interfere with other inmates -don’t be a rat Status and Power Among Inmates -gone are the days of the “prison boss” -hierarchy of status and power still in place -find niches (hang out with like-minded people) -lowest on totem pole=child molesters -social roles (non-testable) -square john -right guy -rat -tough/outlaw -punk -merchant Coping with Imprisonment -drugs/contraband -sexual gratification -humour -mature coping -dealing with problems in a straightforward way (no denial/manipulation) -av
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