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Crim 241 Notes week 12 April 2.docx

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CRIM 241
Melissa Roberts

April 2 Lecture Notes Women and the cjs -women make up approximately -10% of provincial inmates -5% of federal inmates -yet women make up 50% of the population. Why the difference? -a difference in offending? Less violent? Women aren’t criminogenic? -do women deserve a different approach to corrections? Profile of Female Offenders -age: range from late teens to 80s, average 20-24 years old -25% Aboriginal, 10% black, 55% Caucasian, 2% asian -50-90% victims of physical/sexual abuse -66% misusing drugs/alcohol at time of offence -federally: -84% serving first sentence -18% lifers, 45% schedule 1 offences (against persons) -25% schedule 2 offences (drug related) -majority 2-6 year sentences History of women in corrections -in 1835, the first 3 women sentenced to federal time arrived in Kingston Penitentiary -housed in prison hospital until 1839, moved to north wing -horrible, freezing conditions -overcrowded (afterthoughts) -no programming (made prison clothes and needlepoint) -northwest cellblock housed women from 1913-1934 -p4w built 1934 (after 99 years of being housed in male prison) Problems with P4W -the prison is not adequate -prisons for women are over-secure -programming is poor -isolated from families -needs of francophones not met -needs of aboriginals not met -more responsibility for federally sentenced women is needed -re-integration into the community -incarceration does not promote rehabilitation Creating Choices -april 1990- report of the task force on federally sentenced women -drew attention to shortcomings of p4w -outlined basis for women centred corrections: -over-security -accommodation -geographic dislocation -limited programs -call to action! -women in prison are equal to but different from male inmates P4W “Riot” -april 26th, 1994 -warden called iert to conduct cell extraction and strip search of 8 women in segregation -as a result of “violent” co
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