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Lecture 13

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Simon Fraser University
Earth Sciences
EASC 104
Jeffrey Zurek

Lecture 13 June 25 Storm Surge (Wind and pressure components of hurricane storm surge): storm motion water on ocean-side flows away without raising sea level much as water approaches land, it "piles up" creating storm surge CLIMATE PPT Climate Systems: -pressure difference between two sides -lots of warm water out near philippines -lots of warm water in the pacific changing weather of our coast la nina- pressure rebuilds and keeps warm water on the side -go in cycles and affect climate systems Climate and Energy: Movement of radiation from short wave which is converted to long wave (thermal radiation) that greenhouse gases absorb N.S. GREENHOUSE GASES: hydrocarbons and water SO2: aerosol--> does opposite of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere N.S. Albedo: reflectivity of a particle substance so white that has a high albedo reflects most of light and energy that comes at it and absorbs radiation black: low albedo Climate Cycles: Equinoxes: when spring and summer occur Climate (Geologic Time): Tertiary and Quaternary (most recent) Cretaceous- Why so Warm? More CO2 in the pa
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