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ENGL 205
Nicole Didicher

Eng205 Lecture 2 January 11 , 2013 Gentry: lowest level of upper class -women usually wore day dresses in silk, linen, satin Women's clothing: • shift: closest layer to the body • men wore shirt to the thigh • shift: worn as underwear, sleeping shirt • skirt (dress) = petticoats, pocket, (over shift, under petticoats) • Stay: make things “stay” • Chatelaine: hung from women's waist for important things such as keys to the cabinets, scissors, sewing material -Era before elastics, needed “belts” to keep stockings up, usually a piece of cloth th -18 century men/women shoes were the same, but men's shoes had higher heels so they could appear taller and more imposing -no differences between left and right shoes, the left and right shoes invented in the 19 th century for higher consumer rates -Buckles are more expensive than laces/ribbons -Quilted worn over petticoats -Women's clothes were all fastened by ties until the 19 century as buttons were for men onl
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