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ENGL 205
Nicole Didicher

Eng205 Lecture 5 Minna Guo January 21, 2013  The more repressed a society is, the more the outlet  Canadian society at all with itself—how? -think of selves as against violence, but may go to a hockey game and wish to see a fight Satire  A literary work which ridicules vice/folly in human behaviour; satire usually implies a positive moral alternative without presenting it directly  Vice: vicious behaviour; has to be habitual, usually harmful, immoral, illegal (etc drug use, murder, smoking, domestic or any type of abuse,)  Folly: foolish behaviour, something society would find inappropriate. Not illegal, unethical, harmful to self or others (wearing large fruit hats when it’s uncommon to culture) Rochester and Satire  Rochester does present his positive moral alternative in his poem whereas most don’t.  Rochester sums up his satire in triplets; then continues on to talk about “if there is a good courtier, a good man, who would do good things and not these horrible things that a lot of churchmen do” (line 220) then he would take his satire back if there were such a man “if there are really very virtuous courtiers and churchmen, then I will give up this satire and bow to them and say yes they’re wonderful” but even if that were the case, I’d say they were the exception— not the rule  Liked by the King for his boldness  By being laz
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