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Lecture 4

ENGL 387 Lecture 4: Lecture 4, Week 3

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Simon Fraser University
ENGL 387
Nicole Didicher

Traditional Fairy Tales 19th century = fairy tales seen for children 16th or 17th century = fairy tales were not given to children - desire to not stimulate their imagination 19th century takes out the sex, 20th century takes out the violence Each version of a fairy tale portrays the culture of that time Tales tend to change through time except for Disney? If people think of a fairy tale, theyre more likely to picture the Disney version Fairy tale = noun Fairy-tail = adjective Essential Characteristics Short (not usually the length of a novel) Repetition of patterns Songs or dialogue (ex. Grandmother what big ___) Characters and situations were based on feudal culture (more medieval) Revisionist will have things like guns Old stories, originally orally transmitted, now recorded in print with some recording is differently Stories are generally collected by men, some revise stories to make the princess passive Frequent Characteristics Allegories to deal with heavy stuff (Death, family, sexual) Series of plots or episodes Good characters are rewarded in the conclusion (sometimes) Life is not presented as fair and justice is meted out Use of marvellous, especially in those stories labelled folk tale
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