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Lecture 9

ENGL 102W Lecture 9: ENGL112W Lecture 9 &10 The English Patient Notes

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Christine Kim

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Monday, October 17, 2016 The English Patient Chapter 9 10 Lecture 12 1. The English Patient Testimony Theme of Salvation keep on occurring And three years later, in 1942, I walked with her towards the buried plane, carrying her body as if it was the armour of knight (pg.174) he slips in to th harness of the oilwet parachute and pivots upside down, breaking free of glass, wing inging his body back. Then his legs are free of everything, and he is in the air, bright, not knowing why he is bright until he realizes he is on re. (p.175) You begin to relive memories.The Therapeutic Model Healing can start once the moment is over with. SIGNIFICANCE of English Patient telling Caravaggio Recontextualizes this history. When Caravaggio recontexualizes this events, when the english patient went to retrieve Catherines body, if he had unnerve went, he would have been captured by the Germans. The importance of listening and sharing stories. Reliving moments and nding signicance in them by conding in others is therapeutic THE HISTORIES HERODOTUS It is the book he brought with him through the dire a copy of The HISTORIES by Herodotus that he has added to, cutting and glueing pages from other books or writing in his own observations so they all are cradled within the text of Herodotus (p.16) This is a story of how I fell in love with a woman, who read me a specic story about Herodotus. I heard the words she spoke across the re.. I am sure. (p233) He wants people to see his wife changing because they want them to know how beautiful she is. It is an invasion of privacy. When the english patient decides to not take morphine, this is him dealing with both the physical and emotional pain, confronting the pain and realizing what and who he just lost. KEY ELEMENT: When the memories are told to Caravaggio The listener plays an important role because Caravaggio has played na important role in the war and he had come to the village with knowledge of the war (attempted double suicide, affair, death) What he thought was a secret, the english patient realized he already knew everything. The english patient was a secret English Serviceman (spy) With all her arguments against him. Glued into the book giving himself only voice of the watcher, the listener, the he (p.172.) The narrative of the story is controlled by the speaker and the listener is the one who interprets the story. 2. Colonial History Catherine and The English Patients love story is not the only love narrative, Kip and Hannah. Shes made when Kip lies about a bomb going off, and hannah is mad because she believes she is being treated and he is treated others like children. (p:113) 1
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