EVSC 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Alexandra Cousteau, Mexico City Policy, United Nations Population Fund

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EVSC100 - The Great Squeeze (synopsis and experts list)
The Great Squeeze
Synopsis (from www.thegreatsqueeze.com)
“Our dependence on cheap and abundant fossil fuels has been feeding the engine of our
economic system for the past 200 years.! Although it has lifted modern civilizations to new
heights, prosperity has come at a tremendous price. We are now at a point where humanity's
demands for natural resources far exceed the earth's capacity to sustain us. The extraction and
the consumption of these resources in the past two centuries have changed our climate and
ecosystems so significantly, that a new geological era”… has been identified… “. These man-
made threats become even more ominous when you look at them together as part of a global
The film … goes back in time and takes us on a journey through history when past
civilizations made the same mistake of growing too fast, depleting their natural resources and
ultimately collapsing. The Great Squeeze challenges us to learn from history and transition
towards a more sustainable economy that values our environment.!Our current paradigm of
unending economic growth has become a threat to our prosperity and the long-term!viability of
humans on this planet. The film is a call to action and gives us a framework for the changes that
must take place. We are faced with great challenges, but unlike the rest of the living world, we
have the unique ability to adapt and decide our fate and the fate of most of the biosphere, for
better or worse, in order to survive the human project.”
Film Credits
Tiroir A Films Productions, Released March 2009
Director/producer: Christophe, Co-producer: Joyce Johnson
Available with optional English, Spanish and French subtitles.
Available in two versions: full length 68 min version and; broadcast length version of 54 min.
Tiroir a Films Productions (TAF) is an independent, award-winning film production company
based in the USA.
The Great Squeeze was selected at 14 film festivals around the world and won two awards for
best documentary.
Fauchere, C. & Johnson J. (Producers), & Fauchere, C. (Director). (2009). The Great Squeeze:
Surviving the Human Project [Motion picture]. United States: Tiroir A Films Productions.
Topics Covered in The Great Squeeze (partial list)!
Peak oil
Natural resource depletion
The fresh water crisis
Climate change and its consequences
World grain production and supply
Ecological services
Dead zones
Ocean acidification
Human population growth
The Anasazi people of Chaco Canyon in the
American South West
Ancient people of Easter Island
Current economic system
Local farming
Renewable energy
World War 2 and the US response
The Apollo Project"
Branfireun, M., EVSC100, Simon Fraser University, 2015
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