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HIST 101
Willeen Keough

Last class- class on Mon -she will send exam questions during the week -essays: no additional research First Nations, Mid-19th c treaties granted reserves, hunting, fishing rights surrendered legal title to lands Reserves affected economic and political power settler encroachment on reserve lands Religion at Mid-19th c spiritually and secular guidance ethnicity tied to religion reference by white administrators little farming advice, equipment disease and alcohol African-Canadians, Mid Century NS and NB descendants of Black Loyalists discrimination in access to land and public schooling segregated communities Canada West (Today, Ontario) US refugees, free settlers, runaway slaves many → “underground railway” discrimination, segregation restricted access to public education 1850-sanctioned segregated schools (more info from readings) raised questions about segregated schools: should I bring my kids to these schools? Industrial Revolution use of steam power ran manufacturing and agricultural machines big change for increasing products Machines → work processes Increased production Change in Production family production households/artisan shop produced goods from start to finish guilds → standards and prices controls things being produced, and controlled prices advancement mechanization repetitive tasks means of production in hands of few capitalists: lobbied for laws to protect individual property Impact on Society materialism challenged traditional values rural to urban population shift to get jobs new class structure bourgeois, etc...ones who own production public and private spheres separated from home homes for family; factories for work British laissez-faire fewer taxes less government intervention free trade replaced mercantilism in empire in 1840s BNA choices annexation to US BNA union and protective tariffs goods that come into a union, so then the local goods would be competitive Free trade with US protective tariffs on some goods colonies concluded free trade was the best policy 1851: free trade ↔ eastern colo
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