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Eighteenth - Century Imperialism 1700 ce to 1800 ce.docx

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HIST 130

Eighteenth - Century Imperialism 1700 ce to 1800 ce March-07-13 10:30 AM  Whole world population went up.  China 350 million people (doubled population)  India 200 million  Russia doubled  North America 2.5 million people (10 times more)  14.5 million in 1800  GuangZhou one of the biggest cities at this time  Dacca, Patna also two of them.  Monocultures was one of the reasons that brought this population boom  Mainly this period potatoes or rice. However, this was risky because if you lose one crop, you re in risk of starvation  Urbanization at this time created poor health at city.  Typhus, Cholera were typical common diseases because of water in the city got mixed up with sewage water  However, science and healthcare were developing fast at this time. Modern medicine: Quinine, opium  2 big diseases were stopped: Small pox and Scurvy  Scurvy: Jones Lind discovered the cure. 1740 - 1744. (George Anson led a naval expedition with 1900 people and 1400 people died to scurvy.) The treatment is to use lime and orange  Smallpox: Inoculation was the treatment  Some other diseases: Yellow Fever, Cholera, and Malaria  China expanding by sea, land. Tibet, Vietnam, etc  Alongside China, European expansion. Japan, India etc  Robert Clives 1725 - 1774 Took over Bengal at 1756 with 1000 people. Out numbered 12 to 1. Started conquering more India  Ottoman Empire at this time stopped expanding and on a decline. Muslim population loss.  IN 1798, France invaded Egypt and Syria. From this point on, Ottoman lost control of this region. Some states, such as Arabia, stopped paying taxes.  Muhammad Lbn Abd Al-Wahhab.. 1703 - 1787. Wahhabism. Founded of Saudi Arabia  By 1789, Ottoman Empire known as The sick man of Europe Key Terms:
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