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Health Sciences
HSCI 100
Nienke Van Houten

CHAPTER 1: humans in the world of biology Basic characteristics of all living things - 1. Living things contain nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids - 2. Living things composed of cells - 3. Living things grow and reproduce their own kind - 4. Living things use energy and raw materials o Metabolism: all chem rxns that occur within the cells of living things  Organisms extract energy from nutrients + transform into diff kind of work - things respond to their environment - 6. Living things maintain homeostasis o Relatively constant & self correcting internal environment of a living organism o E.g. person body temp 37C - 7. Populations of living things evolve and have adaptive traits o Adaptive traits: help it survive/reproduce in natural environment Generally describe classification scheme of life - Domain bacteria, archaea, eurkarya o Bacteria: unicellular prokaryotic o Archaea: unicellular prokaryotic in extreme enviro o Eukarya: eukaryotic membrane bound nucleus with internal compartments  Protists, fungi, plants, animals - Humans: domain
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