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chapter 2

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Health Sciences
HSCI 100
Nienkevan Houten

Chapter 2BuildingblocksfromlargetosmallMatter is anything that has weight and takes up spaceElements are the basic building blocks of matter that cant be broken down by chemical meansAtoms are the smallest units of an element that retain the elements physical and chemical propertiesMolecules are made of atoms that are bonded together and they can be made of the same atom or different atomsCompoundandchemicalbondsCovalent bondsThe strongest bondForm when 2 or more atoms share the electrons in their outer shellSingle double tripleIonic bondsIon is an atom or group of atoms with a positive or negative electrical chargeIonic bonds are weaker than covalent bondsResult from the attraction of oppositely charged ions rather than shared electrons Take electrons not shareTheroleofwaterinlifeFrozen waterdense than liquid waterMolecules of water cling together surface tension capillary actionWhen the electrons of a covalent bond sharing electrons are shared unequally the bond is called polarWater is a polar moleculeMajormoleculesoflife
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