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Simon Fraser University
Health Sciences
HSCI 216
Pablo Nepomnaschy

HSCI216: LECTURE III May 16, 2012  Question Period st o Next week 1 draft of term paper, next Friday midterm (first 4 lectures) o Concepts are important, specific questions on point in video (because it relates to a concept) o Mutation rates: (question ppl have trouble with)  mutation rates vary across species, within species genome across regions and between DNA’s (nuclear vs mitochondrial)  By observing we know mutation rates are different  Why: accumulation (not the rate of mutation) is faster in “junk” DNA  Mutation rate: how quickly/often in each generation do we see mutations  when mutation occurs in “functional” piece of DNA  Accumulation: how many of those do we see across a piece of DNA  when mutation occurs in non-functional piece of DNA o This is how it is used as a clock ***  Places in the genome where mutation rate it hot/cold (fast/slow), there are places where the genome contains places that help the human body become more efficient (such as the immune system) o Mitochondrial DNA mutates faster than nuclear DNA  Why? Only empirically we know, possibly mitochondrial DNA has more junk? o Proximate explanation: how things happen? From a mechanism point of view  Ex: birds migrating  when days ge
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