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Existentialism (Sartre)

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Sam Black

thOctober 15 2012PHIL 11021Third candidate for the good life 1 HedonismPleasure 2 TolstoyFaith 3 FreedomexistentialismExistentialismMore like a philosophical spirit not a systemHow one lives ones lifeSourcegrew out of post WWII formalized through French philosophers o Jean Paul Sartre is the main guyAtheista oppositiontheist godbelieving o Heideggero Kirkegaarde o Fredriche Niche o Socrates tooGoes back thousands of yearsStresses themes like existence individualism passion commitment integration of philosophy and life itself most importantlychoice and freedompositiveAnother side to existentialism that is less cheerystresses dread anguish anxiety death lonelinessnegativeSartre published in 1943Being and Nothingnessfirst official theory for existentialismTried to mainstream itA few years laterpopular public lecturePhilosopher that has written the most o Famous fictionNauseaHis works are still popular today19051980Practiced what he preachedgot out amongst people and tried to make changesDidnt believe in monogamySimone de BeauvoirSatres longtime lover and friendFamous feministWrote Second SexDidnt believe in monogamyMost philosophers believe in this Essence precedes existenceLongstanding belief that Sartre opposesEssencenature or purpose or functioncomes before out physical existenceThe essence of a knife is to cut Its essence or function is there before it is ever manufactured Have an idea or blueprint about something before it even existspage 121 Godhumanity a maker or creator of man o He has the essence of a human being in his mind before he creates usbottom of last paragraph on page 121 o God or some kind of being gives us our essence before we exist
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