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PHIL 1102th Abortion 1 November 7 , 2012 Singer – The life you could save– Book in 2009  Tell people you have to sacrifice yourself  scares them off  they won’t help people  Singer’s modified recommendation o Everyone should donate 1% of their income to humanitarian relief Quiz  lecture (about the SUMMARY only)  Page 582-584 Points about article read in class  “Really, it’s nothing but a bunch of cells. No smaller than my fingernail”  Wife views her abortion as a kind of murder. She thinks of the fetus as a kind of person Stages of Fetal Development FIRST TRIMESTER  first month – shape of baby  second month – heart beat  third month – few inches long Conception  single cell called a zygote  full set of genetic chromosomes  person  religious view – zygote has a soul and nobody has the right to interfere Embryo th Fetus - at the end of the 8 week SECOND TRIMESTER - Quickening – feeling fetus move THIRD TRIMESTER - Viability – ability to survive out of womb 40 WEEKS - birth When does it become a person?  Person has rights  Person – Latin for “mask” – people play a role; some kind of agent  To be a person you have to fulfill some criteria o Can plan for future, think about past, self-aware, rational, reflect o Can be a human but not a person based on this criteria o i.e., people with severe brain damage, corpses have rights PHIL 1102th Abortion 2 November 7 , 2012 o Not anthropocentric  makes human beings the center of our world views; limited, narrow Does a zygote created through artificial insemination count as a person? THREE GENERAL VIEWS FOR WHY A FETUS IS NOT A PERSON 1. Conservative 2. Liberal 3. Moderate Conservative  Fetus is a person right from the moment of conception o They are only one-celled without a brain  A zygote has the potential to be a human.
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