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Ch 1: theoretical perspectives

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PSYC 102
Catherine Wilson

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Ch 1: theoretical perspectives “Scientific Study” - Empirical evidence—evidence through experience - Critical thinking—active role in learning and understanding things around the world. Not taking everything at face value. Questioning info and its source - Systematic research methods—developing research designs to test a hypothesis. Perspectives on behaviour Psychodynamic –the 1 perspective on behaviour; unconscious processes - Comes from sigmoid and freud - Emphasis on the unconscious mind - It suggests that all behaviour has an unconscious cause - An example of psychodynamic slip of the tongue: instead of saying mom you’re the best, saying mom you’re the beast Behaviourism—Another perspective on behaviour; learned behaviour - Suggests if , you can control the environment, you can control the behaviour Cognitive behaviourism—the link between behaviour and cognitive perspective Humanistic Perspective –striving to achieve - Takes the optimistic and positive view of human nature - People do have freedom, conscious choices, they have reasons for what they do Cognitive perspective – thought processes - Focuses on mental function and reasoning - Belief formation - How we process, store, retrieve and use information Sociocultural perspective –social forces, culture - How behaviour and thinking can vary across cultures - Has some similarity to behaviourism but is a broader perspective that focuses on cultural and societal experiences Biological perspective –genes, brain processes - Focuses on the physical side of human nature - The brain structures and function, biochemical processes and genetic factors - How the body and brain creates emotions and experience Chapter 13: Behaviour in a social context Person perception - The process of forming impression of others - Can be mislead by biases: o Effects of physical appearance—don’t judge a book by its cover but all humans base characteristics by its physical appearance and believe that what is beautiful is good  Studies showed that people rated VPs suggests that less attractive woman have a higher success ability  Research shows that Tall men are seen as better leaders and taller men are paid a higher salary than shorter men o First impressions  Study done by Solomon Asch took 2 groups that suggests that we pay more attention to the initial things  If first impression was negative it takes a longer time and more effort to negate the impression to make it a positive way  Influence of first impression can be negated if we are reminded to carefully a
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