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V.Gordon Rose

PSYC 109W- Lecture 8 LEARNING Learning- relatively permanent change in an organism’s behaviour due to experience Association- Learning to associate two associate events  We learn by association o Our minds naturally connect events that occur in sequence o Aristotle 2000 years ago o John Locke and David Hume 200 years ago  Associative Learning o Learning that two events occur together  Two stimuli  A response and its consequences Classical or Pavlovian Conditioning  Learn to associate two stimuli Operant Learning  Learn to associate a response and its consequence Behaviourism  John B. Watson o Viewed psychology as objective science  Generally agreed-upon consensus today o Recommended study of behaviour without reference to unobservable mental processes  Not universally accepted by all schools of thought today Operant Conditioning  Type of learning in which behaviour is strengthened if followed by reinforcement or diminished if followed by punishment Law of Effect  Thorndike’s principle that behaviours followed by favourable consequences become more likely, and behaviours followed by unfavourable consequences become less likely Operant Behaviour  Operates (acts) on environment  Produces consequences Respondent Behaviour  Occurs as an automatic response to stimulus  Behaviour learned through classical conditioning B. F. Skinner (1904-1990)  Elaborated Thorndike’s Law of Effect  Developed behavioural technology Skinner Box  Chamber with a bar or key that an animal manipulates to obtain a food or water reinforce  Contai
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