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PSYC 109W Lecture Notes - Neural Adaptation, Parallel Computing, Mary Ainsworth

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V.Gordon Rose

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Perceptual Interpretation
Perceptual adaptation
o vision ability to adjust to an artificially displaced visual field
prism glasses
o our perception is not tied to accuracy
o can adjust to give us coherent interreatation
o clear evidence that perception is affected by cognitive things (e.g. experiences)
police people learn assumptions
Perceptual set
o a mental predisposition to perceive one thing and not another
o readiness to perceive things in one way as opposed to another way
o creatin eexpectations to exp something, it’ll influence how we’ll exp that
e.g. schemas
o explains weird things that we see
flying saucers or clouds?
Time flies. I can’t, they’re too fast.
Visaul info Processing
Parallel processing
o once signals levae eye, splits off,goes to various parts of brain where various models
process various info
o simultaneous processing of several aspects of a problem simultaneously
we see bird flying by, we see diff aspects to a coherent whole
Perception involves primarily top-down processing. Sensation= bottom-up
Gestalt grouping principle does not involve visual capture. It includes closure , proximity, similarity,
continuity. What we see is what we’ll process, other senses will be disregarded.
Social Development and Working Mothers
Developmental Psychology
lifelong- from about time they were born and to age 2.
physical,mental, and social changes throughout life cycle. Start before birth til old age.child
o prenatal
o maturation (physical)
o cognitive development- thinking, rmemebering, knowing
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