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January 14th Lecture

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PSYC 241
Dagmar Bernstein

thJanuary 14 2012 OMIT FOR TEST 1 Focus on discovery 32 2 Focus on discovery 33 3 Canadian perspectives 314 Canadian perspectives 32 5 Table 32 6 Diagnostic categories on page 8691 7 Sections on and after what DSMV may be like not on tests for every chapterPages 99103Can use DSMIVTR or DSMIV for project stats are the only differenceHISTORY th 19 century medicine had great success with physical illnessSuccess in medicine preceded by development of a classification systemAdvances in other sciences associated with development of classification systemsReasonable to assume psychopathology would benefit from it tooPsychopathologists dont necessarily focus on treatment just study the disorder and its classification etiologyIn the early 1800s there were only three types of mental disorders idiot 3 years moron 812 years and lunatic insane person whose insanity was believed to be influenced by the lunar cycleCURRENT CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMSICDInternational Statistical Classification of Diseases In
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