PSYC 268 Lecture Notes - Demand Characteristics, Headache, Suggestibility

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Lecture 11 Children and the Law November 28th, 2011 1
Accuracy of Children’s Memory
Haden et al. (2001)
3½ year olds played a game with their mom
where they pretended they were opening an
ice cream store
Amount/type of convo between mom/child
were observed
Measured memory 1 day or 3 weeks after
child recalled
impressive amounts of detail after 3 weeks
o Amount they recalled varied as a
function of the type of interaction that
occurred around that detail
Principe et al. (2000)
Measured memory of 5 year olds immediately after a medical check-up + 12 weeks later
6 weeks after the check-up they engaged in 1 of 4 conditions:
o Follow-up interview
o Returned to doctor’s office (no interview and no reminder)
o Watched a video of another child’s check-up
o No intervening event (control)
Children recalled a high amount of correct info about their visit, which only declined slightly after 12 wks
Children’s Suggestibility
A suggestibility effect occurs when kids/adults report that
something they were only told about really had occurred.
Ceci, Ross, and Toglia (1987) – Exp. 1
Suggestibility effect gets smaller with age
Children 3-4yrs, 5-6yrs, 7-9yrs, 10-12yrs heard a
story with pictures about “Lauren who had a
stomach ache from eating eggs too fast
1 day later (biasing interview):
o ½ of the kids were asked if they
remembered the story about “Lauren
who had a headache from eating her
cereal too fast
o ½ were asked if they remembered the
story about “Lauren who was sick”
2 days after the biasing interview, the kids did a
forced choice test where they chose the picture
that depicted the story they heard (choices:
story detail or suggested detail)
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