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Lecture 7

PSYC 363 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Social Emotions, Ingroups And Outgroups

Course Code
PSYC 363
Scott Neufeld

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May 29 lecture
Dehumanization: denial or minimizing of our common humanity
Humanization: recognition and affirmation of our common humanity
Process: push them off the human side
- Disengagement, reduction in concern of group, more like objects than people
Don’t care about their emotions, discomfort, not relevant
- Replacing empathy with disgust, fear
- Subtraction of human qualities
- Imposition of sub-human/ non-human qualities
- Animalistic dehumanization: out-groups are animals
- Mechanistic dehumanization: heartless, robots, machines
- Exclusion of people from circle of moral regard
Infrahumanization: one way of seeing out-group members as less human, denial of
secondary emotions
Two ways of emotions (evidences suggest animals might have also experienced but…_
- Primary emotion: happiness, anger, fear, attrition equally experienced by in and
out group
- Secondary: love, guilt, humiliation, hope uniquely human emotions, strongly by
humanization and justifying harm
Out-group: aboriginal Australian
Primary emotions: high harm by British > low harm
Secondary: high arm > low
Identity, inclusion, social space
- Physical space can communicate by defining which groups are normal + belong
- Or, it doesn’t reflect our identity we keel negative
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