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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 on Alfred Adler and Birth Order

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 370
Robert Ley

PSYC 370 Fall 2012 Lecture 9 November 1, 2012 Alfred Adler Ordinal position – birth order, the situation a person is born in - Tendencies, rather than fixed characteristics - First borns – has a favorite position in the family because for a while he/she is an only child o Dethroned – experience when another child is born  Child now has to share attention o More likely to be conservative, and believe that they should remain the way that they are o Turns his or her attention away from the mother and transfer to the father.. because the mother is preoccupied with the newborn o “Problem children, neurotic, perverts, criminals find that their difficulties begin with such problems” (dethronement) o Also more likely to become independent o First borns are much more likely to be high achievers  Many studies look at this; seen in politics (American senators), higher levels of education o More schizophrenics, learning disabilities, left-handers, ADHD are first born o More likely to have gone through birth difficulties when born…. That may account for some of the negative tendencies o More likely to have behavioral, social, emotional problems o Dreams – more likely to have dreams about falling o More likely to be deviant - Second born – have a pace setter (the 1 child) o As a result of having a pace setter, the second child tries to keep up and match the first child’s accomplishments o Risk they face: if they can’t get to be as smart, big, etc as their older sibling – they may feel inadequate o More likely to become more devious o More likely to become rebels; competing against a foe o Dreams: have dreams or running, chasing things - Youngest child – most likely to be spoiled o Adler thought it was a pretty good position o You’re never dethroned o Spoiled – pampere
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