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SA 150 Lecture Notes - Transsexual

Sociology and Anthropology
Course Code
SA 150
Amie Mc Lean

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Race and ethnic relations
12:27 PM
Transexual: people who feel they are one sex despite being biologically the
other sex
Trans gender: umbrella term of people who don’t conform with gender identity
Indigenous people were always asked to sit in the back at school
In Disney's peter pan "what makes a red man red?"
oGender issues, way they interact with the children
1. Attention to racial privilege
oEasier for white crimes to go unnoticed because shop keepers always
pay more attention to the indigenous people who walk into their store
2. Race: a socially constructed category of people who share biologically
transmitted traits members of society consider important
oSkin colour, facial features, hair are the features often considered as
racial traits
oBiological traits we consider important are relatively arbitrary
oRacial categorizations that we know exist today differ historically and
are categorically variable
i. Black irish -- the irish were not considered to be white back then
3. one racial category is innately superior to another known as racism
4. Ethnicity: people who share a cultural heritage
oThose that include language and religion
oSocially constructed
5. Prejudice: a rigid and unfair generalization about a group of people
oUnlike discrimination, it talks about the beliefs that people have
oE.g. "driving while black" --police assumptions that those they pul over
are engaging in criminal activity .
oDriving while white: to drive without being suspected as being a
criminal or being pulled over
oMultiracial feminism
6. Race, class and gender fall within a matrix of domination
oEx. experiencing disadvantage or ineqaulity on basis of gender but
experiencing advantages on basis of race
oEg. Mcleans magazine that raised controversy on one article. The title
of the article was "Are canadian universities too asian?"
oNew racisim: concept ways people can embrace values such as
equality, multiculturalism
oTeachers can be subject of these assumptions, that may be biased
when male teachers talk about gender eqaulities. White teachers may
seem neutral when they talk about racial inequality
7. Discrimination: unequal treatment of various categories of people
oPrejudice talks about beliefs, discrimination talks about behaviours
oDiscrimination is much about action. Refusing to hire a certain group of
people, engaging in violence
oSystemic discrimination occur in instances such as racial profiling
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