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Sociology and Anthropology
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Amie Mc Lean

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Social Change March-25-13 12:26 PM • Social change refers to the transformation of culture and social institutions over time • Structural, functionalism happens over the long term. • Social conflict theory is brought up by radical change • Symbolic interactionism, changing social meanings really shift and change over time • Democracy, political system where power is distributed. o Involved with struggles and issues of citizens rights • Citizenship -membership within a particular state or nation o Civil citizenship: freedom of speech, justice before the law o Political Citizenship: involves the actual right to vote, and run for office. Minority group had to fight for these political citizenship rights. o social citizenship: recognizes the right to a certain level of economic society and.. • New Social movements: movements that newly evolved since the 1950s. o Universal citizenship: recognition of rights for marginalized groups, rights to humanity of a whole to citizenship rights • Masionis and Gerber- Characteristics of Social change o Social change happens all the time -e.g. 1960s seen as iconic society's of change ; these days the pace of social change is increasing --> technology playing an increasing role in social movements e.g. Twitter - played a massive role of protesting in Maldova and in Canada a protest against (access to private information)-> this changes the way people engage with the political system ; lower a persons class, the less likely they are to vote o Sometimes intentional and often unp
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