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Simon Fraser University
Sociology and Anthropology
SA 335
Amie Mc Lean

Gender, Work and Caregiving 5/24/2013 4:39:00 PM Men and women are situated differently in economic and social ways  Who has the rights to what? Just division of resources Gendered division of Labour  Distribution of resources on the basis of gender Domestic division of labour  Household tasks Learning Goals  Discuss gendered division in historical context  Critically analyze cultural and social beliefs and practices concerning gendered division of labour today  Recognize the intersections of class and racial inequalities in relation to the gendered division of labour Group Activity 1: Gendered Roles/Jobs/Tasks - Examples Nurse Doctors Lawyer Teacher TA‟s Principal Janitor Secretary Accountant Social workers Psychologists Professors Engineer Judge Police officer Mother Wife Parent Guardian Farmer Bus driver Grocery clerk Taxi driver Truck driver Sales person Manager Director CEO Border officer Veterinarian Surgeon Clerk Receptionist Dentist Optometrist Neurologist Caretaker Behaviour consultant Counselor Writer Actor Singer Dancer Politician Governor general How Has the Division of Labour changed over Time?  Pre-Industrialization and Colonization o Male-dominated occupations  Hunting  Blacksmith  Military  Farmers o Female-dominated occupations  Food preparations  Mid-wives   Industrialization and Development of the Nuclear family o Female-dominated occupations  More farmer jobs  Teachers/Caregivers  Family business (General Store) o Male-dominated occupations  Trades  Jobs outside of the home   Contemporary Urban Society o More neutral/equal  Formal barriers have been largely removed Pre-Colonization  Indigenous Nations  Gender Orders: Patriarchal, Patrilocal, Matrifocal, Matrilocal, Matrilineal etc. o Strongest bond was between mother and child  Fishing, Agricultural, Military  Social roles of gender division of labour o Women carried some control over their sexuality, some degree of authority  Managed their homes  Medicinal knowledge, ancient herbs, and birth control Colonization  White Settler Society o Established by Europeans of non-European land o Racial hierarchy  Private/Public dichotomy was not as distinct  Agricultural pursuit was a neutral affair  Slavery o Intersectionality with race (gender was racialized) o Black and mostly Indigenous peoples were enslaved Industrialization  Development of urban centres, factories and city jobs were becoming populated  Working class women did find jobs in factories o Paid 1/3 of a man‟s wage  Ideology of Domesticity o Working women were regarded as lower status o Glorifying women as home-makers  Women carried characteristics that suited these roles  Sensitive, caring, emotional  Positive male attributes  Competitive, Strength, powerful  Racial and Class Inequality o Dangerous jobs at the railway (Chinese male immigrants)  Extreme working conditions  Low wage o Women Chinese immigrants  Prostitutes  Not allowed into nursing or teaching professions until 1940‟s Indian women were also marginalized due to their race; prohibited from entering Canada o White women were able to enter the workforce but relied on minority women to fulfill household chores Discussion  Technology and The Gendered Division of Labour Today o Laundry timeline  Women‟s domestic labour? o Clorox 2 o Dodge Charger  Relationship between man and domestic work? Relationship with Technology?  Caregiving Labour o Domestic labour underwrites and promotes social reproduction o Second wave feminism  Vocal in advocating women participation in the public sphere
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