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Lecture 6

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Simon Fraser University
Sociology and Anthropology
SA 335
Amie Mc Lean

Week 6: Gender and Social Issues 6/18/2013 2:53:00 PM Miss Representation Critical Thinking  Video; Perspectives of specific groups o Highly educated Individuals – Upper Class o White presence o American focus  Solution o Mentorship by high-powered women o More female leaders o Class dimensions exist in the solution o Women should go out and engage in the community  They are already doing that and are disproportionately receiving their share of unpaid labour  What Causes unequal gender representations in the Media? o De-regulation o Capitalism – Profit motive o Objectify women will lead to more consumerism o Unattainable body image is successful – Beauty industry continues to benefit  The Beauty Myth – Naomi Wolf o Ideology of domesticity was replaced by ideology of beauty Media and Minorities  Intersectionality and everyday life  Male Gaze, White Gaze  Inferential Racism Gendered Racialization and Sharia Debates  Homogenization  Agency Racialization in Gender Theory and Feminism  First Wave Feminism o Connell; History of Gender theorizing o Concerned with economic issues (late 1800’s) o Focus on obtaining votes – Voting rights in 1919  Only a few groups  1969 - Native American women were able to vote  Second Wave Feminism o Early 1960’s o Continued to challenge legal inequalities o Issues of sexuality – set up women’s shelters  Third Wave Feminism o “Under Western Eyes” – perpetuating Racial hierarchy o Persistent critiques of racialized women in the media o Debate around war in Afghanistan  Critique around white women advocating to save Afghani women Terms Minority  Category of people that society sets apart and subordinates  Women are a minority in a patriarchal society Intersectionality  Age, race, gender, sexuality all intertwine to layer privilege or the opposite  Different levels of privilege (Unearned advantages that some enjoy and others do not) Male Gaze  Facilitates female objectification White Gaze (Hall)  Perspective of an assumed white subject (Imperial Gaze)  Profit motive Inferential Racism  Implicit/Subtle racism  Polite racism  Coded racist language o Diversity as a code for racial difference o Freedom of speech as a mechanism for inferential racism to take place Thobani  Challenged supporting the war  Women’s movement  Suggested that there should be a building of solidarity among women’s groups  Problematic racial profiling in the United States Homogenization  Reel Engine Agency  How does it relate to racialization  Capacity for individuals to act in ways that influence their lives and social position  Two different kinds of agency o Agency as
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