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University of Lethbridge
MUSI 3380
Paul Sanden

th December 5 – History III Beethoven was the last composer of the first Viennese School of composers. (other two were Haydn and Mozart) He bridges the Classical era and the Romantic Era. He began composing at the end of the 18 th century. Distinction between the Enlightenment era (equality through education) and the Romantic era (genius is favored) Timeline • Born in 1770 • Began his career in Bonn, Germany • Had musical influence from his father and grandfather (not to the extent of Mozart) • Fought against his ease of composing o Physical (health, being deaf) o His health affected his mentality • Playing harpsichord for the Bonn court operatic orchestra (teenager) • Played the viola as well in the orchestra • Among the elite musicians of the court in Bonn • Exposed to a lot of operatic and orchestral music • Mid -1780s he was exposed to Mozart’s music, afterwards he didn’t really study any other composer • A desire to see something new and unique with every composition. First composer to think of his compositions as being unique • Early years he interacted with the intellectual society in Bonn and associated with several wealthy families o Believed his genius ranked far above social status • 1792 he leaves for Vienna (Mozart died in 1791) o People of Bonn wanted Beethoven to represent them. Wanted him to become a big genius. They set him up in Vienna for social reasons. • Set him up with Prince Karl Lichnowsky o Beethoven preformed weekly salon concerts  These concerts attracted the musical elite of Vienna • Education: Haydn was still alive, right before he left for his second London trip. Beethoven studied with Haydn. Secretly getting lessons from Schenk. Had many teachers. Beethoven sought out instructions from composers. • Career: Established in the salons with piano. Became the piano virtuoso in place of Mozart o 1800 he becomes known as a composer, concert featured music from Hadyn, Mozart and Beethoven  1. Mozart symphony  2. Haydn two movements from the Creation  3. Beethoven’s first symphony  4. Beethoven’s septet  5. Beethoven’s concerto o This concert
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