Psychology 2800 Lecture Notes - Transvestism, Pedophilia, Body Integrity Identity Disorder

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April 13, 2011
Erotic Target Location Errors
Paraphilias (DSM)
Recurrent, intense, sexually arousing fantasies or behaviors involving:
Nonhuman objects;
Suffering of humiliation of self or partner;
Children or non-consenting persons
Classified as mental disorders
Nonparaphilic sexuality is normophilic
Recognized paraphilias (DSM)
Voyeurism (watching people who don't know they are being watched)
Exhibitionism (exposing yourself to people who don't reciprocate)
Frotteurism (rubbing yourself up against people when it is non-consenting)
Pedophilia (non-consenting with kids)
Transvestic fetishism
Features of paraphilias
Occur almost exclusively in men
Tend to cluster - if you have one your chance of having another increases
Not necessarily one’s only sexual interest
Paraphilic dimensions
Unusual partner preferences: children, animals, persons with unusual features
Unusual activity preferences: sadism, masochism, voyeurism, exhibitionism,
Erotic target location errors: attraction to a peripheral part of target, or to
impersonating target - fetishism, transvestism, or to transforming oneself into a
facsimile of the target
Can be directed to an inessential aspect of the target (shoes, clothes)
Can be directed back to themselves (want to become target)
Can be both
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April 13, 2011
Erotic Target Uncomplicated
attraction to
Attraction to
clothing or part
of target
Attraction to
Attraction to
changing into
Women - most
common Gynephilia Heterosexual
fetishism Heterosexual
transvestism Anatomic
Children Pedophilia Pedophilic fetishism Pedovestism anatomic
Men Androphilia Homosexual
fetishism Homeovestism Anatomic
Amputees Acrotomophilia Stump fetishism Pretending Apotemnophilia
Plush Animals Plushophilia Plushophilia
(fetishistic object) Fursuitism Anatomic
Real Animals Zoophilia Not described? Some fursuitism? Anatomic
Heterosexual fetishism
Sexual arousal to women’s clothing or peripheral part of a woman’s body
Fairly common 1-2%
Develops early in life
Most popular fetishes:
Parts of the female body (feet)
Women’s clothing
Special materials (rubber, leather) - materials can mimic skin
Fetish often treated like a living object
ETLEs in men attracted to women (gynephiles)
(heterosexual) fetishism: sexual arousal to women’s clothing or a peripheral part of
a woman’s body
Transvestism: sexual arousal to wearing women’s clothing and imagining oneself to
be a woman
Anatomic autogynephilia: sexual arousal to the thought or image of being
anatomically female (Literally, “love of oneself as a woman”)
Manifests in two forms:
Heterosexual transvestitism:
Arousal to the idea of wearing women’s clothing and imagining oneself to be
a woman
Usually desire to cross-dress fully (unlike fetishism)
Develops early in life
Fairly prevalent
Typically need to be fully dressed to achieve sexual arousal
Sexually attracted to women
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