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University of Alberta
Animal Science
AN SC100
Craig Wilkinson

A100 QA 27 Sept 2010 Infectious Diseases Differentiate between etiology and epidemiologyEpidemiology Etiology Basics Uses scientific method to find Deals with cause and effect like factors which contribute to a epidemiology but can be used in a given disease nonmedical sense also in finding the origins of something What it does Can estimate the risks a How a disease occurs when it was population faces due to a disease named who found it etc using statistics Prevents outbreaks curesepidemics and lowers casualtiesIdentifies a disease and how it In medicine refers to the origins of spreads from person to person a disease scientific or historicalNotes how a disease progressesand risk factors for a known or unknown diseaseUses the scientific method for Explain the nature of KNOWN unknown disease diseases and how they can be preventedConsiders determinants and Only concerned with origin cause distribution of a disease This is and effect Only worried about broader determinants Bottomline Studies known and unknown Deals with origin and cure diseases risk factors and how they are present in an area
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