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Equine dentistry

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Animal Science
AN SC110
Doug Milligan

Dental problems (1-5 years, most common) Retained incisor/premolar cap get pointy caps and the horse trys to work his face with his tongue a lot. Impaction of erupting incisors a baby tooth which was not lost at the correct time impeding tooth that is trying to erupt. Malocclusion from cap retentionmisalignment of the teeth due to cap retention Eruption bumps deciduous (baby) teeth being pushed off the pre molars from permanent teeth trying to erupt, just inflammation. Miniature horses get this quite extreme Un-erupted wolf teeth positioned quite close to where a bit is usually positioned, so this can interfere with riding. Unerupted canine teeth mostly males get these (fighting teeth), sits along the diastoma. Will press into the tongue or cheek. Soft tissue damage most common. Common dental problems of Adults • Malocclusions misalignment • Excessive transverse ridges some teeth longer than others, • • hooks overgrowth of the front teeth , can cause death from bleeding or infection • ramps • Tall molars often will lose a lot of food while trying to chew, one tooth grows taller than others • Abnormal wear
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