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Animal Science
AN SC110
Doug Milligan

Learning Better Understand Why horses accept peoplehorse social structureEstablishing a learning environmenthow horses learnwith people horses are willing to be led ridden driven worked or raced without complaint or resistance other wild animals dont moose bears zebras not petsbeyond just a companion Herdswell developed structure stalliona leader who is dominant and trustedprotects the herd boss mareexperience to lead the herd to best grass water shelter etc pecking ordereach member of the herd has its place degree of power relative to others The pecking order relates to who eats first drinks first travels in front etcStallion protects to herd against dangers such as predators or other herds has the respect confidence and trust of all the members of the herdin a band of wild horses the lead mare plays a key role Besides directing the bands daily wanderings in search of food and water she also keeps the other horses in line Establishing Dominance and Trustthe modern horse will accept a human as a leader once dominated by and trust is established once dominance and trust is established learning in the horse can start Learninghorses are not people horses are not rational thinkersthey dont reason analyze situations judge plan ahead hold gudges speculateunderstand moods good days bad dayinconsistency of handler mental games and delayed discipline The horse is focused on the momentwhat is happening what are the messages right now give the chance they are predictable consistent dont complain few bad days do what is asked good listeners give their best
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