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University of Alberta
Art History
ART H102
Hajnalka Santa- Balazs

PreRenaissance it is important to remember the social political religious etc context of the art y the rediscovery of the classical world directly impacted prerenaissance art in its extremely accurate depictions and in what they depicted y period of the flowering of humanism root word humanitas root word homo men thy in the late 5 century after a series of serious military conflicts the greeks emerged victorious and this resulted in a paradigm shift of thinking in which people began thinking about mankind as individuals with unexplored and unexploited potential there for us to discover use celebrate y visual communication has a relatively set language just as linguistic communication does o conveying the idea was more important than conveying proper reality concept over reality ideological truth over visual truth y tempera protein and water based mostly egg yolk with come pigmentations o used much on wood paintings and later minimally on canvas y as it became less and less considered a sin to enjoy the physical world it therefore became more appropriate and acceptable to depict physical reality more accurately this also illustrates the development of society from a godcentered world to a mancentered worl
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