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19 Mar 2012
March 14, 2012
Chapter 9 continued
Events Announcement: exhibit of student work at studio 53, graduate student symposium theme
instability and visual culture
FSA continued
Well known
Started with the FSA when they were first getting up and started.
He wasnt as involved as Lange
Human element really missing, less emotional then Lange and has a more neutral point of view
No people, interested in formal details and how they can create an interesting composition
Was fired because his images weren’t what they wanted
Influenced by Atget
More interested in city spaces and documenting the local culture without capturing people.
*Compare with Lange
Lange interested in human emotion focused in on man in bread line
Evans interested in shapes and composition in his bread line image
More abstract and all you see is objects and no faces. Intent much different
Take another Lange from same series
Evans photo she looks right at us, almost challenging look
Not capturing the moment, doesn’t pull on heart stings son is not paying attention
Challenge to what your relationship to her may be
Lange is trying to exploit the emotional potential of these images
Photographs published in let us now praise famous men 1941
Took a leave of absence to work on another project with age, photo essay about the effects of
Photographed three families
Text and images, Evans was the photographer
Text and images were supposed to have the same weight, Evans was adamant to have the
images on the page alone, not captions or text. Wanted them to speak for themselves
Some with families, but also interiors and what they looked like on their own
Family is lined up and facing the camera, not posing them to invoke emotion
Perspective straight on to create neutrality
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*Allie Mae Burroughs 1936
Focus on her face, with flat look
Focus on her and nothing to distract from her
Compared to Lange migrant mother commonalities between the women, worry and
determination (strength and hardships)
Evans is really acknowledging the camera, making his photos seem more aggressive
Showing these people for who they are
Not trying to narrate or create emotion
What kind of truth do we expect? Idea? Or what we see through the lese?
*American photographs, 1938
Exhibition and book of his work
Starting to look at it as a branch of art (photography)
Create a portrait of American society
Strong influence of Atget again interest in store fronts
Interested in capturing local culture and local flavor
Very interested in the formal and the composition they create
Repetition of shapes and words photos, place you could get licensed photos.
Interested in exteriors and what they look like, no human element
*Subway photos, 1938-41
To these with a concealed camera
Had a camera in his coat and the camera would poke out between buttons so no one saw
All taken in public space, but really focused on being alone and left to their thoughts
Unguarded moment, this is what he is trying to capture
*Life magazine 1936
Birth of the photo magazine become prominent in 1930s
Weekly source to see the weekly news in pictures
Attempted to create interest in the layout of the magazines
Margrete Bourke White
First to work in life and fortune magazine
First photographer hired for life magazine
Construction to build a damn, new project to make work for people
Photographs and essay about the dame but also about the lives of the workers building the
Outrage around this photograph because there is a child sitting on the bar
Bourke white took tones of photos but the photo editor was the one who chose, he constructed
the images
Person who started life, wasn’t for the building of this damn, so he may have influenced how
they impact the messages we get.
Damn: industrial sublime, and the grandeur of this damn.
Really focused on architecture and industrial photographs and that’s how she got the eye of the
owner of the magazines
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