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University of Alberta
Art History
ART H210
Andrea Korda

Wednesday March 14 2012Chapter 9 continuedEvents Announcement exhibit of student work at studio 53 graduate student symposium theme instability and visual culture FSAcontinuedEvansWell knownStarted with the FSA when they were first getting up and startedHe wasnt as involved as LangeHuman element really missing less emotional then Lange and has a more neutral point of viewNo people interested in formal details and how they can create an interesting compositionWas fired because his images werent what they wantedInfluenced by AtgetMore interested in city spaces and documenting the local culture without capturing peopleCompare with LangeLange interested in human emotion focused in on man in bread lineEvans interested in shapes and composition in his bread line imageMore abstract and all you see is objects and no faces Intent much differentMothersTake another Lange from same seriesEvans photo she looks right at us almost challenging lookNot capturing the moment doesnt pull on heart stingsson is not paying attentionChallenge to what your relationship to her may beLange is trying to exploit the emotional potential of these imagesPhotographs published in let us now praise famous men 1941Took a leave of absence to work on another project with age photo essay about the effects of depressionPhotographed three familiesText and images Evans was the photographerText and images were supposed to have the same weight Evans was adamant to have the images on the page alone not captions or text Wanted them to speak for themselvesSome with families but also interiors and what they looked like on their ownFamily is lined up and facing the camera not posing them to invoke emotionPerspective straight on to create neutrality
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