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Lecture 5

BIOL 207 (09/18/13) Lecture 5 (con't) and 6

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Biology (Biological Sciences)
Mike Harrington

BIOL 207 (September 18, 2013) Lecture 5 (con’t): Genes Encode Proteins|Lecture 6: Causes of Gene Mutation Genetic Tool: The Complementation Test  Let’s say that you have 2 mutations with the same trait and cytogenetic location: o How do you know if they are from the same gene? Complementation – production of a wild type (having the ability to grow in MM) cell/organism created by 2 different but combined mutations  If the mutations are compliments of each other, then they are one different genes  If the mutations are not compliments of each other, then they are on the same gene Yanofsky (colinearity of gene and protein)  The location of a mutated gene on a chromosome corresponds to the position of the mutated amino acid on the protein (roughly the same location) Start of Lecture 6: Causes of Mutaion  Mutations are heritable changes in the DNA that may be spontaneous or induced o Carrier of a mutation is call mutant o What induces a mutation is called a mutagen o Mutations can cause physical damage to DNA called DNA lesions Spontaneous Mutation Examples 1. De-animation of cytosine a. Nitrogen falls off cytosine to create uracil i. Ur
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