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BIOL 208 (January 22, 2014) - Photosynthesis, Herbivory/Carnivory, Functional Response Curves

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Biology (Biological Sciences)
James Cahill

BIOL 208 (January 22, 2014) • Photosynthetic response curves o Plants make leaves based on the amount of light exposure they have  Leaves in the shade will be different from leaves that are exposed to full sunlight even though they are from the same plant  If you take a plant from inside the house and bring it outside, the leaves will fall off and be replaced with new leaves that are better structured to deal with the higher amount of PAR • Leaves have differing Pmax’s • C3/C4 Photosynthesis are important to ecology o C4  Plants ability to deal/cope with high temperatures and limited water o C3 Plants ability to deal/cope with low temperature and high abundance of water • Stomata o Very little water actually leave from the stomata  Too much leave and the plant will dehydrate • C3 Photosynthesis o RUBISCO  dominant place that N2 is stored  Is an enzyme  CO 2s bound to 5-carbon sugar and causes it to break into 2 3- carbon sugars  Happens in a mesophyll cell right next to stomata • C4 Photosynthesis o Mesophyll cells beside stoma here but there are also bundle sheath cells inside  Bundle sheaths are depleted of oxygen so that RUBISCO doesn’t bind too it. o 1 product is a C4 product instead of a C3 product  C4 cannot by itself create sugar • Transferred physically across cell wall to a different cell • Then it releases CO2 which binds through RUBISCO to form carbohydrates o Separation advantage:  Minimizes loss of carbon and water dioxide by the open stomata (minimal photorespiration due to hot temperatures)  RUBISCO has a higher affinity for oxygen as compare to CO2 • When bound to oxygen, the plant ends up releasing CO2 • End up releasing CO2 and water without any photosynthesis
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