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BIOL 208 (January 15, 2014) - Latitude and Temperature's Effect on Biodiversity

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University of Alberta
Biology (Biological Sciences)
James Cahill

BIOL 208 (January 15, 2014) • Ecologists use logarithmic graphs all the time • *Extinction debt: o We are in a period of massive species loss  *We are predicting extinction through species area curve • *We transform this curve mathematically to make a new curve relating area and probability of extinction • This can then be applied to a landscape (then you can predict the number of species likely to go extinct after a decrease in habitat area) o Biodiversity preservation is costly (billions of dollars internationally)  Treaties  Laws Latitude • Climate-related • *As you move from poles to equator, you find higher diversity in species (for all organisms) *Meta-analysis – is not original research but takes a variety of peer-reviewed studies and then does statistical analysis of the results or these studies. • Small effect size large effect size o The larger the effect size, the more biological significant the effects of a cause are. • *Marine and terrestrial taxa demonstrate a more larger latitudinal gradient than freshwater o *Means that diversity increases relating to marine and terrestrial organisms are greater with closer proximity to the equator than terrestrial organisms • *Carnivores exhibit greatest latitudinal gradient o Larger organisms in general tend to show a larger latitudinal gradient than smaller organisms • *The map that we generally look at is the “Mercator” version. 3D to 2D conversion causes us to interpret the northern and southern extremes to be more larger in land area than they really are. o *The “Peters” version is the more realistic version. The North Americas, Antartica, and EuroAsia appear compressed in size, this is their actual size. o *Tropical regions have more area… despite popular belief. o +25 degrees to -25 degrees latitude belt have the same climate
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