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Lecture 15

BIOL361 Lecture 15: BIO 361

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University of Alberta
Biology (Biological Sciences)
Sally Leys

Ocean Heat engine: heated air at the equator rises, low pressure moving to higher latitudes and then sinks. It generates water currents. Hadley cell: Coriolis: movement of fluid in relation to earth beneath result in deflections of the water. It is caused by the earth rotation (things at the equator move faster than things at the poles), gravity and centrifugal forces. Gyres: combination of winds systems and shapes of ocean basins create cyclonic flow. Where gyres interact with land masses the wind plus the Coriolis effect tends to concentrate boundary currents on west sides of the ocean. Ekman transport The Coriolis effect causes each successive sheet of water to deflect to the right relative to the sheet above at 90 degree. Heat engine cause pressure deflection. Winds are affected by the rotation of the earth and this generates: trade winds and prevailing westerlies. California current is cold south, Atlantic brings warm water to the tropiques. Eddies bring warm water up (warm core wings). Cold core wings move south (California currents because moving from cold to warm water) Upwelling is the upward mov
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