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UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA INTRODUCTORY UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY I CHEM 101103Solid States Crystal StructuresStructure of Solids Crystalline solid is a solid where the atoms ions or molecules are in order and welldefined arrangementsis a solid whose particles have no orderly structureFor example glass Amorphous solidrubberTypes and properties of Crystalline solidsThere are five different types of crystalline solids Types of solid Interparticle force Physical behaviorExamplesAtomic London dispersion Low melting point Ar Ne Molecular London dispersion Low to moderate Ice I sucrose 2 Dipoledipole melting point Hbond Ionic IonionHigh melting point NaCl MgO CaCl 2 Hard and brittle Electrical conductors when molten Metallic Metallic bond Low to high melting Na Fe ZnpointElectrical conductors Network Covalent bond Very hard very high C diamondmelting point CgraphiteGraphite is soft SiO quartz 2 Crystal lattice A crystalline solid can be represented by a threedimensional array of points called a crystal latticeUnit cell is the smallest unit of a crystal which on repeating in a threedimensional manner generates the whole crystalHere is another unit cell of the patternFig 1226 p4421
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